Winifred’s Story

Moving Past the Pain

“I did not know that the world still has good people.”

These words were spoken by Winifred*, a survivor of labor and sex trafficking, during her time in Willow International’s care.

At 22 years old, Winifred was trafficked for over a year in Saudi Arabia. By the time she was referred to Willow, she was in severe pain from the abuse she endured at the hands of her perpetrators. She was at risk of losing her uterus from extensive trauma.

Winifred’s physical ailments were only part of her struggle upon arriving at Willow. She was emotionally unstable, bitter, and short-tempered. She would isolate herself from others and refused to take her medication because she had no hope of ever living a healthy life again. She wanted to harm herself. She wanted to end the pain for good.

Through frequent one-on-one counseling sessions and group therapy with Willow’s compassionate case managers, Winifred began to connect with other survivors and started to share her story with increasing comfort. She began to see the good in others. She focused on changing her actions and working to help however she could around the home each day. Through these small acts, she began to discover who she was in this new life. She embraced her strengths and accepted her weaknesses.

Winifred is now physically, emotionally, and socially stable. While her journey has been painful, Winifred composed a song (excerpt below) thanking God for her life and the happiness she has found with Willow International’s support.

“I thought that when someone is born, that is how she will live until she dies. That is how I felt when I had a lot of pain, challenges…as I was wondering where God who changes all situations was and at that last minute He came and changed my life. He has done so many wonderful things, most of His wonders have brought tears of joy yet I used to be filled with bitterness and anger.

When I remember the love God showed me, It makes me cry tears of joy.

He has done so many mighty things my dear, so many wonders. He has made me glad and I strongly realized that it is God. When mummy died, He brought my life back again…aaah God is truly my friend. He deserves all the glory, and praise, there is nothing that can be compared to His love just like how he promised that He will bring back all that I lost.” 

*Pseudonym to protect survivor’s identity.

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