May 8, 2019

Meet Dr. Sandra Morgan

Dr. Sandra Morgan is the Director of the Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University and is known around the world for her expertise combatting human trafficking and advocating for women and children. She has co-hosted the Ending Human Trafficking podcast since 2011 and works to educate listeners on the issue. The podcast promotes the importance of studying the complexities of human trafficking before becoming a voice for the cause, and regularly welcomes other experts in the field to share their thoughts and experiences.

Dr. Morgan is an advisor for Willow International and meets regularly with Willow’s founder, Kelsey Galaway, to discuss Willow’s programs in Uganda. Kelsey was featured on one of Dr. Morgan’s podcasts where she discussed Willow’s journey and model in greater detail. With Dr. Morgan’s wealth of knowledge on the issue and her commitment to educating others, we are so thankful to have her as one of our advisors.

To stay informed, check out full episodes of the podcast and download a copy of The Quickstart Guide to Ending Human Trafficking.

More About Sandra Morgan, RN, PHD: 

Dr. Sandra Morgan, an educator and nurse, is recognized globally for her expertise in combatting human trafficking and working to end violence against women. Dr. Morgan’s experience serving missing and exploited children includes direct care as a pediatric nurse, a volunteer with Doctors of the World (Athens, Greece) and as a past Administrator of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF). Her expertise is recognized locally, nationally and internationally and includes such venues as Asia, Russia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She served on Foreign Affairs Chair Congressman Ed Royce&#?8?2?1?7?;?s? ?A?n?t?i? ?H?u?m?a?n? ?T?r?a?f?f?i?c?k?i?n?g? ?A?d?v?i?s?o?r?y? ?C?o?m?m?i?t?t?e?e?.? ?S?h?e? ?a?l?s?o? ?s?e?r?v?e?s? ?t?h?e? ?O?r?a?n?g?e? ?C?o?u?n?t?y? ?C?S?E?C? ?(?C?o?m?m?e?r?c?i?a?l? ?S?e?x?u?a?l? ?E?x?p?l?o?i?t?a?t?i?o?n? ?o?f? ?C?h?i?l?d?r?e?n?)? ?S?t?e?e?r?i?n?g? ?C?o?m?m?i?t?t?e?e? ?p?a?r?t?n?e?r?i?n?g? ?w?i?t?h? ?C?h?i?l?d? ?W?e?l?f?a?r?e? ?a?n?d? ?J?u?v?e?n?i?l?e? ?J?u?s?t?i?c?e?.? ?I?n? ?h?e?r? ?r?o?l?e? ?a?s? ?F?a?c?u?l?t?y? ?a?n?d? ?D?i?r?e?c?t?o?r? ?o?f? ?V?a?n?g?u?a?r?d? ?U?n?i?v?e?r?s?i?t?y????s? ?G?l?o?b?a?l? ?C?e?n?t?e?r? ?f?o?r? ?W?o?m?e?n? ?a?n?d? ?J?u?s?t?i?c?e?,? ?s?h?e? ?h?a?s? ?b?u?i?l?t? ?c?a?p?a?c?i?t?y? ?f?o?r? ?r?e?s?e?a?r?c?h?,? ?e?d?u?c?a?t?i?o?n? ?a?n?d? ?a?d?v?o?c?a?c?y? ?d?i?r?e?c?t?l?y? ?r?e?l?a?t?e?d? ?t?o? ?t?h?e? ?e?x?p?l?o?i?t?a?t?i?o?n? ?o?f? ?w?o?m?e?n? ?a?n?d? ?c?h?i?l?d?r?e?n?.?? ? ? ??????? ? ? ??? ? ?

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