November 4, 2015

Lydianah’s Poem

The Journey of my Life in Willow

“Do you always wonder
and ask for the meaning of Willow
and even for the goodness of Willow
Willow is a God fearing family
Willow never dumped me
Willow wanted me to be safe
Willow has worked hard
to hold my pain and tears
Willow gives me a smile
in the time to cry
Willow turns grey skies
to blue skies in my life


Willow helped me
to develop characters
Willow’s change, changes you
True story I am changed with
the helper called Willow.
I can’t stop to say hay to Willow
The Nation owes you a lot&#?8?2?2?1?;?? ??&?n?b?s?p?;?? ????? ?L?y?d?i?a?n?a?h?? ?? ? ? ??????? ? ? ??? ? ?

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