July 6, 2016


At Willow, we are charged with helping women and girls escape sexual slavery. Our rescue scenarios vary greatly as human trafficking looks different for each victim in its wake. In Uganda, poverty, unemployment, and death of parents are among the most common reasons that women and girls are left vulnerable to trafficking. We see parents conned into sending their children away with strangers with the hope of work that will feed them, orphans coerced into prostitution by family or village members who view them as burdens, teens tricked into going to “school” or taking “jobs” in the city – only to be forced into sexual slavery. We rescue bright young women, once small business owners, so eager to lift their extended families out of poverty that they’ve sold what little belongings or prospects they had in pursuit of a better life. Futures are stolen from such women as they hand over their livelihoods only to be forced to sell their bodies against their will.

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March 29, 2016

Why We Fight – A Tribute
to Natasha

When I think about Natasha, I first reflect on a morning in March of 2013. It was pitch dark outside. The city of Kampala was sleeping. Although Natasha was in high spirits, I was not because it was 4:30 am, Natasha was very ill, and we were about to wait in line for the one radiation machine in the entire country. Amongst other life-threatening illnesses, Natasha was fighting stage 4 cervical cancer. She was fighting hard for her life, but her attitude and demeanor didn’t show it. She was peaceful and filled with unexplainable joy.

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November 4, 2015

Lydianah’s Poem

The Journey of my Life in Willow

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June 16, 2015

Why Willow?

The willow is a strong and tranquil tree. Its branches hang gracefully and its roots run deep. Often found near streams of water, it exudes peace, offers to share that solace with guests. Offers comfort, offers refuge. Offers gentleness.

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