Our mission in the aftercare program is to empower each survivor with the tools they need to heal from trauma, reconcile with family, resettle independently or with relatives, and live a healthy life free from re-victimization.

The aftercare process for survivors is complex and unique for each individual. Program duration varies depending on the severity of the beneficiary’s victimization and the stability/safety of their family. Survivors work directly with a case manager who provides them with an individualized care plan that addresses the following areas of intervention:

  • Safety: Family reconciliation and home visits
  • Health: Medical care, access to HIV treatment and support
  • Education & Economic Development: Vocational and formal education scholarships and access to business skills training, tutoring, literacy programs
  • Psychosocial: Counseling and therapeutic interventions, social connectivity opportunities, support groups, mentorship, yoga, art therapy, play therapy
  • Social & Spiritual: Spiritual care and mentorship, access to church and social activities including choir and youth group

Willow is committed to programs that are survivor-led and informed. Survivor voices are essential to our programming, monitoring and evaluation, and the overall vision of the organization.

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