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Our mission is to end human trafficking starting at the source: Uganda. Through survivor care, government reform, and global partnerships, we can erase this plague and restore hope to the millions of victims across the globe.


Lives impacted through rescue, education and prevention
Success rate in preventing re-victimization
Survivor's lives restored to date - mostly women and children
Increase in trafficking cases filed in Uganda in three years
Ugandan courts trained on anti-trafficking laws
Ugandan police districts trained to identify and stop trafficking


starting at the root of the problem.

the issue

Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable criminal industries in the world. Today, there are more than 40 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, with exploiters earning more than $150-billion annually.

Mothers, daughters, sisters, sons, and fathers—innocent people—are sold and exploited so that these criminals can profit. Despite growing awareness of the issue, fewer than 1% of victims are rescued.

Uganda is one of the epicenters for human trafficking. With high unemployment, civil instability, and one of the youngest populations in the world, traffickers promising lucrative jobs are easily able to prey on vulnerable victims.

our solution

Working collaboratively with the Ugandan Government, as well as local Ugandan and international organizations, Willow aids in the rescue of victims and restoration of survivors. Through our international partnerships, we provide legal aid to those in Willow’s care, disseminate information throughout Uganda, educate and empower communities to prevent trafficking, and advocate for the strengthening of the criminal justice system. In partnership with state prosecutors, we’re able to help survivors bring their traffickers to justice. Due to the success of our program, Willow remains the government’s top aftercare referral agency for victims of sex and labor trafficking.

the impact

Willow saves lives, serves justice, and brings freedom and hope to those who have been trafficked. With Willow’s leadership, law enforcement and local government are equipped with the tools needed to protect innocent lives and fight trafficking head on. Our work in Uganda has a positive impact locally, regionally and globally.


“Willow International has empowered and supported me a lot. I was hopeless but Willow gave me hope. I have learned many different skills and I am ready to be a job creator not a job seeker. Willow is a real mother when it comes to healing broken hearts.”


Willow’s History

Kelsey Morgan made it her mission to end human slavery after her first trip to Africa. There, she volunteered at an orphanage and taught AIDS prevention. When she learned about the travesties of human trafficking, she knew it was the cause she wanted to dedicate her life to.

After graduating from UC Irvine, Kelsey returned to Uganda with the nonprofit Purse of Hope. For three years, Kelsey developed programs with the local community that helped prevent trafficking and restore survivors.  Through this work, she built a strong network of passionate devotees to the cause. When the founder of Purse of Hope resigned, Kelsey evolved the organization into what is now Willow International.

Established in 2015, Willow has made unparalleled headway in the fight against human trafficking and has become the preeminent advocate for prevention and restorative care throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


Dr. Sandra Morgan PhD
Director of Vanguard University's Global Center for Women and Justice, Program Advisor
Sara Truebridge EdD
Education Consultant, Researcher, and Author, Program Advisor and Staff Training
Todd Tripp
Wealth Management Advisor at Northwestern Mutual, Faith Community Ambassador
Helen Sworn
Founder and Director of Chab Dai, Program Advisor
Aileen Lounello
Controller at AAG, Accounting & Finance Advisor
Michelle Bobich
PhD Psychologist, Counseling Advisor
JaNay Queen
Living Cities, Collective Impact Advisor
Jill Thomas
Assistant US Attorney, Program Advisor
Jessica Pirro
Photographer, Curator, Creative Advisor & Artistic Director
Lynette Van Buren
Human Trafficking Expert, Program Advisor


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