August 31, 2017

A Reason to Smile

We are excited to announce that two girls are graduating from the Willow Aftercare Home this month! Scovia* and Liza* wanted to share their thoughts directly with you.

“Willow international has empowered and supported me a lot. I was hopeless but Willow gave me hope. I have learned many different skills and I am ready to be a job creator not a job seeker. Willow is like a real mother when it comes to healing broken hearts. I was heartbroken in so many ways. I had not shared my painful story, but when I came to Willow I got the courage to share my story and Willow taught me how to overcome my pain. After graduation, I want to be exemplary in my village.” – Scovia

“Willow is a transformational place filled with love and is Christ-centered. It has helped me to see a bright future ahead of me. Willow has changed my life, imparted good morals in me. It has given me reasons to smile. It has taught me to love myself and others. It has given me the chance to have many sisters who are loving and caring. It has taught me various skills that I will use when graduate. I am going to be a full-time sister to my brothers and a full-time daughter to my mother. I am going to speak words of encouragement to depressed people in the community. I am going to use the skills and knowledge I have learned from Willow in my community.” &#?8?2?1?1?;? ?L?i?z?a?? ??W?e? ?b?e?l?i?e?v?e? ?t?h?a?t? ?i?t? ?i?s? ?v?i?t?a?l? ?t?o? ?e?m?p?o?w?e?r? ?s?u?r?v?i?v?o?r?s? ?b?y? ?g?i?v?i?n?g? ?t?h?e?m? ?e?d?u?c?a?t?i?o?n? ?a?n?d? ?v?o?c?a?t?i?o?n?a?l? ?s?k?i?l?l?s? ?d?u?r?i?n?g? ?a?f?t?e?r?c?a?r?e?.? ?W?e? ?a?r?e? ?c?o?n?s?i?s?t?e?n?t?l?y? ?a?m?a?z?e?d? ?b?y? ?w?h?a?t? ?t?h?e? ?g?i?r?l?s? ?g?o? ?o?n? ?t?o? ?a?c?c?o?m?p?l?i?s?h?.? ? ?S?c?o?v?i?a? ?i?s? ?r?e?t?u?r?n?i?n?g? ?t?o? ?h?e?r? ?h?o?m?e? ?v?i?l?l?a?g?e? ?t?o? ?o?p?e?n? ?a? ?s?a?l?o?n?.? ?D?u?r?i?n?g? ?h?e?r? ?t?i?m?e? ?a?t? ?W?i?l?l?o?w?,? ?s?h?e? ?r?e?c?e?i?v?e?d? ?h?e?r? ?c?e?r?t?i?f?i?c?a?t?e? ?i?n? ?c?o?s?m?e?t?o?l?o?g?y? ?a?n?d? ?l?e?a?r?n?e?d? ?t?o? ?m?a?k?e? ?b?e?a?u?t?y? ?p?r?o?d?u?c?t?s?.? ?H?e?r? ?f?a?m?i?l?y? ?i?s? ?t?h?r?i?l?l?e?d? ?t?o? ?w?e?l?c?o?m?e? ?h?e?r? ?h?o?m?e?!? ?L?i?z?a? ?w?i?l?l? ?l?i?v?e? ?c?l?o?s?e? ?t?o? ?o?u?r? ?c?e?n?t?e?r? ?w?i?t?h? ?h?e?r? ?m?o?t?h?e?r? ?a?n?d? ?b?r?o?t?h?e?r?s?.? ?S?h?e? ?w?i?l?l? ?b?e? ?a?t?t?e?n?d?i?n?g? ?a?n? ?i?n?t?e?r?n?a?t?i?o?n?a?l? ?u?n?i?v?e?r?s?i?t?y? ?t?o? ?p?u?r?s?u?e? ?h?e?r? ?d?r?e?a?m? ?o?f? ?w?o?r?k?i?n?g? ?f?o?r? ?a?n? ?a?i?r?l?i?n?e?.?? ? ? ??????? ? ? ??? ? ?

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